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Welcome to iRetailer

Assistive Partner was formed to offer consultative support and advice. Specialising in delivering innovative and effective web and cloud based software solutions; we focus primarily on the Healthcare sector. Recently we identified that the retail side of healthcare provision was not being supported. It was falling behind. Missing opportunities to grow.

UNIQUS® iRetailer was designed to take account of the complex nature of the retail customer; helping retailers fully integrate their sales and stock process on one platform. This subscription-based cloud accessed application allows small businesses to gain the advantages enjoyed by their larger competitors with a lot more flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the likely return on investment?
  • How secure is it?
  • What support will there be?
  • What about data back-up?

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Features And Benefits

  • Point of sale automation
  • Inventory management & Warehouse functionality
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics (mobile workforce)
  • Billing

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Mobility Aids - Case Study

"From the outset, the friendly yet professional approach to our businesses from Assistive Partner has cemented our relationship and made them a fantastic partner to work with" comments Jason Watling (The Mobility Aids Centre Manager). "The team of experts that make up Assistive Partner offer a unique, customer focused relationship. This matches our own high standards for delivering positive customer experiences". "I’ve been particularly impressed by their unrivalled knowledge and expertise. In addition, our business recently went through its ISO 9000 audit and the comments from the auditor were very complementary about the system and suggested that we consider the disposal of the written procedures where possible and replace them with simple flowcharts, as the new system does so much of those procedural checks automatically. I am very happy with the UNIQUS® iRetailer system and the changes that it is enabling me to make to grow our business going forward.

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Active Mobility - Case Study

"The installation has not been easy but the professional consulting approach from Assistive Partner has kept us focused and they are fantastic partners to work with" comments Richard Binnie (Director of Active Mobility). "The team of experts that make up Assistive Partner offer a unique, customer centered service. Their approach mirrors our own culture of delivering excellent customer experiences". I’ve been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise and the way in which nothing is too much trouble". Richard finished saying "I recognize that barcoding of product is the future and we don’t want to be left behind.

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Effectively manage your stock

If you deal with suppliers, you know that communication is very important for good relationships. Every penny counts and every second saved is extremely worthwhile.

Your buying team can use UNIQUS® iRetailer to:

  • Simplify & automate its day to day activities
  • Reduce paperwork and administration
  • Be more informed
  • Monitor exactly what's going on in real-time
  • Set up suppliers
  • Add stock lines or adjust pricing
  • Set min/max and reorder levels
  • Unique barcodes to identify and track product

Warehouse teams can:

  • Manage stock availability
  • Use pick-lists
  • Track warranty items
  • Complete tasks on mobile computers
  • Use one touch entry
  • Access real-time accurate data.
  • Deal with returns
  • Warranty claims
  • Documentation

Know how much stock to order and when. UNIQUS® iRetailer can help achieve more coordinated purchasing, allowing automation where appropriate; at the same time giving you total control.


Easy customer management tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) is so important. Being able to keep, clear, up to date customer records is key to driving client satisfaction and business success.

Use UNIQUS® iRetailer to keep everything to do with a single customer in one place. Instantly accessible. Without paper. Use the simple tools to maintain your relationship with them and remain totally informed.

UNIQUS® iRetailer allows you to:

  • Monitor exactly what's going on in real-time
  • Set up or amend customers
  • Carry out assessments at your premises or theirs
  • Detail special terms
  • Set re-contact dates
  • Manage diaries
  • Store documents
  • Coordinate your sales team effectively

Sales teams can:

  • Become paperless
  • Create quotations
  • Use task lists
  • Track events
  • Manage their responsibilities using mobile computers
  • Access real-time accurate data
  • Manage Prospects

UNIQUS® iRetailer can help:

  • Achieve a more coordinated customer approach
  • Tasks are easily recorded, diarised and reported upon
  • Sales activities can be done on the move
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicated administration
  • Put you in total control

Manage your business remotely

In today's fast moving, competitive environment, you need visibility of your operation in real-time. Use our alerts with accurate data. Highlight exceptions. Drive up service levels. Drive down costs.

For much less than the cost of a new staff member, use UNIQUS® iRetailer. Manage every aspect of your operation, including multiple contracts and sites.

Field operators, sales, delivery and service can use UNIQUS® iRetailer on mobile computing devices. Connecting personnel; controlling staff; giving you total control.

GPS tracking, GPRS communications, satellite navigation, work instructions, assessment & quotation facilities, document and signatory capture - all on mobile computers, using the internet.

Control work and create up to date reports UNIQUS® iRetailer can automatically manage:

  • Planned maintenance tasks
  • Forms creation for mobile use
  • Live engineer locations on a map view
  • Associated documents, notes and pictures
  • Work allocations by postcode and skill
  • Warranty claims
  • Personnel availability and skills

Using our unique configurable "exceptions dashboards" or online reports managers can monitor real time progress.


Keeping your company in line with today's technology

Your organisation only has one reputation. Modern success is driven by data and communications. Many organisations use old technology and a mixture of bolt on systems, which they have grown up with.

UNIQUS® iRetailer is web based and is a fantastic way of investing in current and future opportunities.

UNIQUS® iRetailer facilitates online shopping and catalogue creation, linked to your warehouse inventory.

Make connecting with customers easier UNIQUS® iRetailer helps achieve a more coordinated customer approach. More customers: more business.

Use UNIQUS® iRetailer to:

  • Keep everything to do with a single customer in one place
  • Create prescriber portals and online catalogues
  • Carry out campaigns
  • Implement online assessment tools
  • Detail special offers
  • Set re-contact dates
  • Manage promotional diaries
  • Store documents and much more

The sales team can:

  • Create quotations on the move
  • Manage task lists
  • Track events using the inbuilt CRM tools
  • Manage their responsibilities using mobile computers and the internet
  • Access real-time accurate data

What do you need to do to stay profitably competitive?

Your customers becoming more demanding. Fact.

They want more for less. They want improved service levels. They have choices now that weren’t there in the past.

So what do you do?

  • Reduce inventory?
  • Automate human processes?
  • Utilise improved management information?
  • Improve service levels?

You need to create a digital future for your business........
And we can help.

Is it going to cost the earth? No. Are you going to get an excellent Return on Investment (RoI)? Yes.

UNIQUS® iRetailer is software to manage complex operations at a fraction of the cost of conventional applications. You pay monthly subscriptions to use it, so cash-flow is not affected.

How can you tell if this would be money well spent?

Because UNIQUS® iRetailer is web-based, it can be used online as a service (often known as cloud based). That has enabled us to make it affordable. The cost of the software, associated servers and database administration is shared. It’s democratising software.

We can help you establish the savings that you can achieve –informing your business case.

Creating a digital future for you. Tailored for today - flexible for tomorrow.

UNIQUS® iRetailer has detailed activity and inventory ledgers, so you can provide detailed, auditable data you need. Excellent, detailed financial reporting.

Track performance with real-time exception alerts, so anything getting off-track is spotted early. Track & trace assets and people in real-time - on the web.