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Background: Assistive Partner is both the designer and vendor of various proprietary software applications. Most of these are tailored for healthcare equipment and services and provide mobile options for people on the move.

Innovative Solutions:These include: solutions for consumers & carers; for tendering; for online trading; for prescribing; for buying; for selling; for retailing; for warehousing; for logistics; for community care & for hospitals.

Benefits:You will be amazed at how affordable it can be to modernise when you work with Assistive Partner. New technology solutions from the Assistive Partner solutions suite are specifically developed to help you to modernise, grow, control costs and improve efficiency.
In this modern world, where we are all tasked with proving our competence, those who embrace change and implement innovative solutions stand out! Be sure you lead from the front. Consult with Assistive Partner now........

Suite of software applications to run whole operations
Uniqus Logo

Affordable UNIQUS® draws upon decades of healthcare equipment and service delivery experience. It will transform the way you work and help your organisation cut costs and improve efficiency.

UNIQUS® software is a comprehensive, cloud based enterprise system. Now used in four countries by over eight thousand clinical professionals, thirty warehouses, twenty workshops, two hundred & fifty mobile technicians & workers - and UNIQUS® tracks, traces and controls the movement of well over a million items of important healthcare equipment a year.

UNIQUS® enterprise has the following list of features: Purchasing; Inventory; Warehouse; Barcoding; Logistics; Planned & Unplanned Servicing; Diaries; CRM; Sales Campaigns; Clinical Records; Process Controls; Reports; Live Dashboards; Hire & Rental; Financial Transactions; Multi-site; Track & Trace and much more.

There are a number of other UNIQUS® specialist integrated modules or portals available:


UNIQUS® Specialist Contractor Portal - where contractors can securely view work & mark-up results online.

UNIQUS® Specialist Prescriber Portal - where clinicians can securely manage clients and order products & services from editable, bespoke catalogues online.

UNIQUS® Specialist Prescriber Mobile Site - which offers a lighter version of the Prescriber Portal, for clinicians on the move.

UNIQUS® webSHOP Retail Online Sales Portal - with website wrap options and full personal account shopping experience, using a dynamic catalogue.

UNIQUS® iRetailer Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) Options - for ensuring the best service, barcode stock control and daily takings reconciliation.

UNIQUS® GO - Specialist Mobile Phone App For Mobile Workforce - cost effective way to improve efficiency by integrating phone, satellite navigation, tracking, digital signatures and job manifesting and management.

UNIQUS® Small Batch Production - where touch-screen technology and materials management ensures greater efficiency.

UNIQUS® Surgical Sterilisation Track & Trace - specialist 2D DataMatrix laser etched barcodes ensure tray sets and instruments are matched and all processes recorded.

UNIQUS® HomeCare - specialist cloud-based rostering; tracking; management and personnel recording - integrated like no other system, to create affordable, paper-free administration for domiciliary care.

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UNIQUS® iRetailer
Lowering costs; Improving stock control; Increasing sales; Doing more with less
iRetailer Logo

UNIQUS® iRetailer was designed to take account of the complex nature of the retail customer; helping retailers fully integrate their sales and stock process on one platform. This subscription-based cloud accessed application allows small businesses to gain the advantages enjoyed by their larger competitors with a lot more flexibility.

Point of Sale Automation

Inventory Management & Warehouse functionality (mobile workforce)


Logistics (mobile workforce)

Billing (multiple contracts options per location)

Barcoding (if you move it – scan it)

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

Track & Trace (Assets – People – Services)

Service support (mobile workforce)

Management control

Prescriber on-line access (computer or smartphone)

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UNIQUS® Hospital Inventory Management (HIM)
HIM Logo

UNIQUS® Hospital Inventory Management (HIM) is designed to manage materials and equipment in the secondary care (hospital or institutional care setting); helping managers fully integrate their purchasing, inventory and use processes on one system. This subscription-based cloud accessed application allows hospitals to easily introduce mobile working, barcode scanning, point of use recording and true integration.

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UNIQUS® Homecare
UNIQUS® A fully integrated solution to meet the entire administration requirements of Homecare agencies.
Homecare Logo

We believe you cannot continue with the stress of hand written, paper based administration and the mistakes that can arise.

Once, the alternative of lots of different bits of software, multiple logistics, confused overlaps and so on were nearly as bad.

Now there’s a one-system solution. No stress, no paper, no mistakes, no arguments. It is all fact, staff love it and it is really affordable. It is UNIQUS® Homecare and you need to find out more now -

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Dynamic Purchasing System             

Ofus2 Logo

Especially developed to create efficiency savings for healthcare organisations, this portal facilitates automated aggregated demand purchasing – saving time and money throughout the supply chain.

The use of the OFUS2.com Dynamic Purchasing System ensures that healthcare organisations can manage their purchasing requirements in a truly conformant manner, using a single online access point.


A specialist solution for the delivery of continence services

Incon Logo

Assistive Partner is pleased to announce the successful implementation of a new solution. Especially designed for home continence services, UNIQUS® Incon has enabled the Warwickshire NHS service to become fully independent and save money as well as improving efficiency and data accuracy.


Specialist used equipment web catalogue tools

Reshare Logo
Re-use more of your specialist equipment and save your budget......

Our cloud-based ReShare total solution gives you everything you need to electronically photograph, catalogue, manage and order unique, special or standard stock items. All you need is a Windows smart-phone and our app. They work intelligently, enabling you to radically reduce costs within your organisation.

Share information and trade with others as well......

ReShare is a dynamic, web-based stock management system that uses the power of real-time catalogue technology to make available stock for others to view, order and use. You can choose to share data with other services or just manage your own equipment recycling better.

It is really affordable as a subscription based option.

Use the special phone app to take pictures. ReShare then prompts you to enter product information, usually from prepared, editable drop-down lists. This will ensure ease of re-issue. You simply pay a subscription, switch on and use. Leave the rest to us.

Make use of powerful search facilities and transaction assistance to allow trading between services.

Whether you choose to keep your equipment to yourself or join a community who are prepared to share equipment; ReShare gives you everything you need to manage the process in a secure, simple web based environment which can even be accessed by authorised users on the move.

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PAM (Personal Assessment Module)
Pam Logo

The goal for us all is to live more safely and independently as we feel the effects of ageing, disability or a long-term health condition. Good and timely advice can make a positive difference to the quality of our lives by enabling us to stay active and keep up our daily routines. This application is aimed at vulnerable groups, to help facilitate greater independence & improved safety. To avoid SLIPS; TRIPS & FALLS.

Safe Ageing is an easy to use online evaluation tool. A simple decision tree. It can be used equally successfully by consumers or their carers. We can provide versions where the content can be built and managed by you. Or you can benefit from a pre-loaded version which has been put together by a range of experienced clinicians. We are convinced it will have a profound effect in every case.

The overall aim is greater independence & improved safety. The output is practical ideas and advice to help people to manage daily activities as they get older.

We have made it really simple to use. The results it produces are very easy to understand. If it is appropriate, this can be sited in a communal situation, where the user can engage with a touch-screen tablet. That can be fixed or portable.

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In collaboration with the British Healthcare Trades Association
HealthHub Logo

The Health Hub Code Bank is a comprehensive, easy to use database, specifically for the healthcare equipment sector. We store details of products, their proprietary owner, GTIN barcode detail and their other attributes.

This is a web based solution covering all present and likely future needs. It features easy to use search options and interfaces for barcode owners to upload from CSV files. And for barcode users to download to CSV files. (CSV files are a simple way to import or export to proprietary software applications.)

Applying GTIN barcodes (linear or 2D) means that the item becomes machine-readable as it is tracked through the supply and ownership chain.

BHTA members now have a simple and affordable solution for recording and disseminating GTIN barcode data which also gives them an additional profile in the market. Add: Non members of the BHTA can use this too, at a slightly higher subscription cost

Barcode owners already carefully record in their own systems which of the barcodes (GTINs) are assigned to which of their trading items. This can now be output as CSV data into our simple "spreadsheet-style" template. They can then easily upload that to this site with one click.

This is only of use if the recipients of these products (the NHS, Retailers & other Stockists) can machine read the codes. To do so, they need to add the detail to their database or ERP system. In order to understand (or decode) the unique identifier (barcode) wherever in the supply chain it is to be read, the data must exist within the database that the reader is connected to. Here it is much easier for the barcode owner's customers and in turn their clients to search, find and download the GTIN detail.

In many industries, this detail is often passed to the recipients in a number of ways, emails; spreadsheets; CDs; web-links; generic data repositories and so on. But, unique to healthcare equipment, we make the scale of the operation much easier; because there is one central managed healthcare specific website for everyone to use.

Contact Us us to discuss our fixed-fee barcode implementation program for small and medium manufacturers.

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