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Public Sector

An important aspect of managing finance and procurement within the public sector is adherence to standing orders and OJEU or EU rules concerning tendering and dynamic purchasing or e-auction procedures. You can select Assistive Partner solutions with confidence.
Our company has gained TED e-sender status for our ground-breaking tendering qualification and dynamic purchasing tools. Like most of our software applications, this is entirely cloud-based and our track record has attracted glowing references from our public sector customers.
Because Assistive Partner is experienced in working with public sector data and clients, you can be assured that our security management and business continuity skills are of the highest calibre.

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Healthcare Sector

This is a sector where our company has been in operation since commencing trade in 2007. Our experienced operations biased management has over three decades of healthcare operations experience and has created first class software to suit many aspects of primary care and secondary care needs.
Around ten thousand clinical professionals and healthcare workers login to our systems using the internet. They find that our systems save time, eliminate many layers of administration, improve management information and enhance the client experience.
Our software is used for many services around the world, including: Healthcare Equipment; Wheelchairs; Home Oxygen; Continence; Pharmaceutical; Asset Management; Retail; Homecare; Hospice Care; Field Service; Logistics; Inventory, assessment, client records, and much more.

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Retailing Sector

Not every retailer has access to huge sums of cash to invest in systems. But every retailer needs to reduce the time spent on administration, improve data accuracy, reduce inventory and enhance service.
We have managed to create a simple but very effective Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system, using GS1 barcode scanning and integrate it with a powerful client database. This means the small retailer can behave very professionally, can plan marketing campaigns, can offer value added services and much, much more.
We can offer a simple template to personalise online catalogue and web sales site too - all linked to a central stock & inventory management system. You would be very well advised to take a look. Contact us today..............

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Field Service Sector

Almost all of our customers have some aspect of field service operation and our mobile workforce software excels in this context. From auto-scheduling planned maintenance, to managing unplanned emergency call-outs.
We understand the need for good information and the desire to complete everything in one go, without lots of paper or secondary administration tasks.
That means the ability to view locations of field staff in real-time; send jobs; complete forms; get digital signatures and close down work all using modern mobile communications.

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Facilities Management

All of your organisational needs for Facilities Management (FM) can be met by using our cloud based UNIQUS® software. The key objectives for future-proof web based FM are the same regardless of industry sector or FM style:

✔ To reduce operations & administrative cost
✔ To increase inventory accuracy
✔ To improve efficiency & service levels
✔ To be easy to implement and use
✔ To highlight exceptions or non-conformance in real-time
✔ To contribute to increased profit margins
✔ To achieve an Excellent Return on Investment (RoI)

We tick all of those boxes. You need to have a demonstration and see first-hand just how easy it is to implement and use. Of course, there is no charge or obligation, but you will need to allocate a couple of hours.

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Small & Medium Batch Manufacturing:

Assistive Partner has engineered extremely comprehensive software tools for asset and service management. The inventory management and purchasing suite at the heart of the system is ideally suited to manufacturing.
We have now extended these tools to include everything that small-batch manufacturing requires. Our experience in the healthcare sector has shown that many manufacturing operations can benefit from paperless, streamlined operations. This includes ensuring accurate recording of batch materials used in any production run, managing batch codes, serial number data and expiry dates where appropriate: all using simple touch-screen technology. The addition of this UNIQUS® manufacturing module means the use of UNIQUS® is now truly enterprise-wide.

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Domiciliary & Home Care

Validating services, tracking delivery, assuring quality is all especially critical in this sector, and has made the paperwork and administration burden almost unbearable. So Assistive Partner has harnessed the power of mobile working, GPS tracking and employee skills/personnel database integration to automate administration, dramatically reduce paper and make foolproof real-time management possible.
Cost reduction comes as standard and because the tools required are all used securely via the web, there are many advantages to the use of these tools when deciding to re-engineer and look for a competitive edge in this growing and life-changing sector.

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