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Welcome to UNIQUS Hospital Inventory Management

Assistive Partner has developed a specific Hospital Inventory Management (UNIQUS HIM) version of their highly successful UNIQUS cloud based software, which has played such an important role in primary care settings.

UNIQUS HIM software is usually implemented in an individual specific hospital environment (such as theatres) initially; and can subsequently be easily and seamlessly scaled to wider use throughout the hospital.

We get compliments on the simplicity and ease of use. This ensures that implementation is made swifter and ongoing compliance requires little management.

At the core is the use of common unique, machine-readable identifiers (usually barcodes) to create accurate real-time data. UNIQUS HIM can easily be linked to transfer data to update patient record, automate catalogue lookups, link to finance or theatre management systems etc.

The comprehensive nature of UNIQUS HIM can enable the inclusion of asset management; people and process management; revenue management and therefore facilitate a whole-system transformational approach.

The most impact to date is where we have worked with partners to create a whole-hospital transformational approach. That facilitates increases in revenue; procedure level costing and manages loan sets and consignment stock which many closed systems cannot deal with. In this way, UNIQUS HIM generates such significant improvements in efficiency and such a speedy return on investment that competitors would struggle to match.

Derby Hospital UNIQUS Hospital Inventory Management case study

"Transforming processes for Midlands Trust ‘Implementing Healthlogistics, hTrak and Assistive Partner systems at Derby Hospitals was originally meant to just improve stock usage and control information. It has now evolved into a system that improves patient safety in Theatres, produces detailed patient level costing information and has created an opportunity to gain improved coding information at point of treatment."

Kevin Downs Deputy Director of Finance, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust   Click here to read more » Click here to read HFMA Article »

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the likely return on investment?
  • How secure is it?
  • What support will there be?
  • Can I introduce mobile working?
  • Can I link with other systems?

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Features And Benefits

  • Inventory Management
  • Stores Functionality
  • Barcoding
  • Track & Trace
  • Management control
  • Integrated Purchasing

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Stock Management

• Inventory • Stores • Purchasing • Monitor exactly what's going on in real-time • Par Levels • Locations • Pick & Ship

Using UNIQUS HIM adds very real value to stock control and inventory operations; increasing management control, improving efficiency and massively reducing costs. We realise that every penny counts and every second saved is extremely worthwhile.

Effectively manage your stock, by linking our inventory management system to your existing catalogue data and finance systems in one seamless data set.

Your buying team can use UNIQUS to:

  • Help meet its day to day responsibilities
  • Control requisitions which are passed to the finance system
  • Remain totally informed and monitor exactly what's going on in real-time
  • Manage suppliers
  • Add stock lines
  • Set min/max and reorder levels
  • Decide whether items should be uniquely identified with their own barcode
  • Much more.

Warehouse teams can:

  • Manage stock including goods receiving
  • Manage inventory locations
  • Set min/max and reorder levels
  • Know how much stock to order and when
  • Use pick-lists
  • Track the warranty or expiry of items
  • Manage serial numbered items
  • Complete all their tasks using hand held computers
  • Access real-time accurate data.

UNIQUS can help achieve more coordinated purchasing, allowing automation where appropriate, at the same time giving you total control.

  • Deal with returns
  • Warranty claims
  • Documentation
  • Personnel availability and skills

Mobile Workforce

• Auto work allocation • Task Management • Proof of delivery • Goods receiving • Pick & Ship • Location Management • Stock Audits

In today's fast moving environment, hospitals require visibility of their inventory in real-time. Using alerts and accurate data. Driven by barcoding. Highlighting exceptions. Driving up service levels. Driving down costs.

UNIQUS can help you, enterprise-wide. For much less than the cost of a new staff member, a hospital can use this web based, on-demand application. Manage every aspect of stock control, include multiple locations and outlying sites.

Materials management teams can use UNIQUS HIM on wireless mobile computing devices. Connecting personnel; controlling staff; giving total visibility in real-time.

Incorporate goods receiving, moving stock, using pick-lists, tracking warranty or quarantine items, work instructions, task management, document and signatory capture - all on mobile computers, using the internet.

Set up alerts. Highlighting issues and monitoring exceptions with real-time accurate data when necessary. Allowing managers to monitor minute by minute progress using our unique configurable "exceptions dashboards".

Control work and create up to date reports. Periodically, management reports can be run at the click of a mouse - viewed on-screen or exported. Custom reports are easily created. Because UNIQUS HIM is used over the internet, such management can be dealt with online remotely.



• Link to centralised catalogue • Sync purchase orders with finance system • Facilitate Purchasing to pay (P2P) in real time • Auto data transfer

The diagram clearly shows where our UNIQUS HIM software sits in the hierarchy of a typical hospital and how it can work with other systems; in particular (but not exclusively) Healthlogistics (catalogues) and hTrak (procedure level costing) to give a whole-hospital integrated system.

True whole system value can be best achieved if the Trust considers products to integrate with, such as Healthlogistics and hTrak. When used with UNIQUS HIM, these will facilitate:

  • Use of consistent data to ensure lowest cost
  • Patient level costs
  • Procedure level costing
  • Capture of OPCS codes to improve margin and cost

Integration with core hospital systems such as patient record software and finance is simple and well within Assistive Partner’s sphere of experience and expertise.

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Track & Trace

• Use GS1 or proprietary barcodes • Know serial # and expiry detail • Locate what is where • Locate what went where & when

Our UNIQUS enterprise solution is web based (sometimes called cloud computing or on-demand; SaaS – Software as a Service). UNIQUS enterprise for primary care is now used in four countries by over twelve thousand clinical professionals, forty warehouses, twenty five workshops, three hundred field based technicians tracking, tracing and controlling the movement of well over a million items of healthcare equipment assets each year.

Now we have a specially adapted version of UNIQUS for Hospital Inventory Management (UNIQUS HIM). It's a demanding job, keeping control of all your healthcare equipment. Knowing where it's supposed to be, when it's supposed to be there, if it's properly serviced and in the right condition for use.

And depending on how many items you're responsible for, you might feel there aren't enough hours in a day. UNIQUS HIM is like having a virtual team in a box, ready to call on whenever you need.

UNIQUS HIM has been uniquely developed to facilitate and manage entire hospital operations. All aspects of supplier purchases, inventory management and logistics are covered. Where track & trace of people & assets is important in managing your products and services, including loan sets surgical trays and consignment stock we have the answer.

Furthermore, we can assist in managing the tracing of what serialised item was used in what procedure to which patient, all with barcode scanning; enhancing accuracy and improving patient safety. This has the added benefit of assisting accuracy for recharging and reporting the true cost of a procedure or patient episode.


Digital Future

Whilst the focus when implementing UNIQUS HIM will be on improved management of inventory, our experience shows that this is just one third of what can be achieved if the project is effectively scoped.

By this we mean including opportunities to increase revenue improvement and staff operational efficiency. To maximise transformational savings; which the use of good systems can facilitate requires two prerequisites:-

✔ Buy-in by senior management.

✔ Close involvement and total commitment to project by Finance; Procurement; Clinical and Materials Management.

With that as the guiding culture to implement our software, it is practical for a single hospital to achieve £150,000 to £500,000 ongoing annual savings from improved inventory management.

This could be more than doubled if we work with the hospital to maximise their revenue collection and business process efficiency savings.

Assistive Partner is an independent software business and has a very settled workforce; (zero staff turnover in the last four years). Everyone at our company understands their obligation to the customer. Our primary focus is healthcare efficiency.

We want to help hospitals succeed in their drive to overhaul their management of non-pay expenditure and improve patient safety with accurate, real-time information. We can be a great asset to your digital future.