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Excellence in puplic procurement awards 2013/2014

Working closely with Assistive Partner (using their UNIQUS® and Ofus2 software) Croydon Care Solutions / London Borough of Croydon won the GO / John F McClelland Collaborative Procurement Initiative of the Year Award – Health and Social Care organisations 2013/2014.

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HMFA awards 2014

Recently Assistive Partner's Hospital Inventory Management System (UNIQUS® HIM) has helped Derby Hospital to become the HFMA Costing Award winner 2014.

The UNIQUS® HIM inventory management solution, has initially been used in general theatres, day case and radiology. The system uses most types of barcodes including GS1 and allows the trust to produce costing information for each patient. With items scanned as they are used, combined with time in theatre, the trust can get detailed information on the use of consumables, prostheses and staff costs.

The UNIQUS® HIM stock control element of the system has improved the trust’s procurement performance – orders are grouped into as few deliveries as possible, less storage space is needed and wastage has fallen. Over five months, the trust believes the system has saved at least £75,000 of cost. Read the case study here

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Where we work from.....

Headquartered in Worcestershire England, Assistive Partner is now active in four countries, working with client organisations to implement change and manage resources more effectively. We have offices in the USA and an experienced reseller partner in Australia. Many of our solutions can be used globally. They are all designed to help you manage resources more effectively.....

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What we do.....

Assistive Partner is a modern, thriving business with up-to-the-minute ideas. Our primary market is healthcare. Our many years of experience ensure we are able to make a real difference. We are dedicated to implementing the best solutions for our customers. We consult with you, understand your particular operations and set to work quickly. Helping you increase efficiency, reduce costs, modernise processes and introduce mobile working. Ensuring you get an excellent return on investment.....

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What sets us apart.....

Our business is controlled by operations professionals. We have been there; just where you are now! We have directly experienced the complexities you face that are brought about as a result of change. We can make a very real difference to your operation. We understand the pressures on costs and budgets that face today's organisations. And what to do about it. Assistive Partner observes a distinctive set of values. These ensure that our first concern is to make a positive difference to those we work with. Helping you improve your cost base.....

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What we can do for you.....

Until you talk to us, you won't really find out, so you have nothing to lose from an initial contact! We know that your needs, requirements and operations are unique and special and will treat them as such. We will bring our experience, intuitive software solutions, partner expertise and knowledge to deliver benefits and savings for you. Ensuring improved customer experiences - and that's a promise

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Process Solutions

Excellent process design helps organisations manage costs. It helps measure results, and delivers to a consistent standard. We'll make sure you do not spend more on new processes and systems than you save. You need to be sure that you don't try and lay new systems on old processes and we can help with that too. Perhaps you are re-engineering the purchasing and supply chain management or involved in the cataloguing and sales ordering process? Maybe you're focussing on customer service, assessment processes or the warehousing and logistical operations associated with managing your stock and deliveries? In all of these areas there are improvements waiting to be made, and Assistive Partner can help. We are committed to helping you assess your options and find you a very affordable solution with demonstrable payback. Call us today ...

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Who we work with.....

Assistive Partner has built strategic relationships with the BHTA; Microsoft; Zebra Technologies; GS1 and Datatech UK. Our own knowledge and experience, coupled with our partner organisations' expertise, means that we are able to help you modernise your operation and ensure a high level of security and future proofing. Saving you money.....

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We strive to be consistent and behave with integrity. We grasp our customers' needs and requirements and make them our own; working until their organisation is running to its optimum efficiency and ability. What's more, we enjoy it! We get our satisfaction out of helping you improve your organisation's efficiency and costs.

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Assistive Partner Business Values

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CONSULTATION - We listen carefully and take care to understand the needs of our client before helping them to implement the best solution for their requirements.

SOLUTION - We take great care to ensure that any solutions we propose or supply (hardware, software or shareware) are the best in class and are totally suited to client needs.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - We will help clients to introduce new solutions quickly and efficiently.

CONFIDENTIALITY - Assistive Partner and all of our employees observe confidentiality and guard client data carefully. We are aware of best practice and guidance such as ‘Caldecott’ and we take great care to protect data in every practical way.

SUPPORT - Assistive Partner cares about our customers and wants each one to become a ‘customer for life’ and an ‘evangelist’ for our products and services. Our support for their organisation is exemplary and reflects this ambition.

INNOVATION - We continually monitor our performance via Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). Our overall objective is to devise innovations to stay ahead of any competition and meet customer performance targets. This becomes a virtuous circle that enables us to share our business efficiencies with our customers in true partnership to create a greater customer experience.


Assistive Partner Brand Values

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SIMPLICITY – Our solutions are easy to understand and easy to use.

DEPENDABILITY – Our products and services are “always-on” and totally reliable.

FUNCTIONALITY – Operational effectiveness is best in class and products are feature-rich.

VALUE ADDED – There are true benefits for every customer.

AFFORDABILITY – Our products and services represent the very best value for money.

COMPATIBILITY – Our solutions are heterogeneous and facilitate integration, inter-operability and compatibility with the widest practical range.

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