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Assistive Partner see our job as keeping your organisation in line with today's technology.

Creating a digital future for you. Tailored for today - flexible for tomorrow. 

It’s what we have been doing well in healthcare for over a decade now. Growing each year.  Always secure. Always on.  

Modern success is driven by data and communications. 

Is it going to cost the earth? No.

Are you going to get an excellent Return on Investment? Yes.

We can help you establish the savings that you can achieve – informing your business case.

Your organisation only has one reputation.

Our organisation can help reinforce that.

Sectors We Serve

Our software adds value and reduces cost in all delivery points – hospitals, community care, healthcare logistics, homecare, field services and wherever these converge.

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Primary Care

UNIQUS™ enterprise for primary care - used in four countries by over twenty five thousand clinical professionals, forty warehouses, fifty workshops, three hundred field based technicians. Procuring, storing, tracking, tracing, servicing and controlling the movement of well over two million items of healthcare equipment and assets each year.

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UNIQUS™ iRetailer helps achieve a more coordinated customer approach. Reducing time you spend on admin.  Increasing time for you to spend on sales.

Cloud software; especially designed to take account of the complex nature of the UK mobility retail sector.  

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Secondary & Acute Care

UNIQUS™ HIM.  Assistive Partner will work with you to create a business case that clearly demonstrates cost savings, patient safety improvements and clinical time released back to the patient.  All this and GS1 track & trace compliance as well. Making you truly PEPPOL-ready.

Key issues solved. We can help your hospital.

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Versions of UNIQUS™ are used throughout healthcare, in hospitals and community settings e.g. Inventory Management; Track & Trace; Healthcare Equipment; Wheelchair Services; Home Oxygen Therapy; Continence Services; Pathology Tracking; Asset Management; Hospice Care; Field Service Operations; Logistics Services & Retail Healthcare.

Our Solutions

Innovative healthcare software solutions which help our customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and modernise their operations.

All UNIQUS™ software is web-based, used online as a service (often known as cloud computing). That makes it affordable.  Software development costs, server costs and database administration is shared.  It’s democratising software. 

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UNIQUS™ enterprise is a comprehensive, cloud based enterprise system.   Transforming the way you work.  Cutting costs.  Dramatically improving efficiency.  Benefiting from mobile workforce.

Tracking performance with real-time exception alerts, so anything getting off-track is spotted early.

Track & trace assets, jobs and people in real-time - on the web, using UNIQUS™.

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UNIQUS™ iRetailer helps to fully integrate CRM, purchasing, sales, service and stock on one database.

Online, affordable, subscription-based.  Accuracy assured.

Introduce and benefit from mobile workforce.  

Save time.  Improve service.  Increase sales. 

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UNIQUS™ can help you, hospital-wide. For much less than the cost of a new staff member, a hospital can use this web based, on-demand application.

Manage every aspect of stock control, include multiple locations and outlying sites.  Track & trace devices, implants and performance – enhancing patient safety.

Cut out administration tasks, giving clinicians back their time for patients.

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UNIQUS™ adds value and reduces cost in all delivery points – hospitals, community care, healthcare logistics, homecare, field services and wherever these converge.

Customer Reviews

Our customers have loved us from day one. Here are some examples of what they say. Some detailed case studies are in the resources section.

"The system is really starting to make a difference and will help us manage much better, to say nothing of the savings..."

Alison Marsh

Theatres Directorate Manager - Tameside Hospital - 2017

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say that the [Assistive Partner] support team has been such a help, not just in the last couple of days but in general. Everything is checked with me and the response I get is always clear and concise, and if I don’t understand the response it is broken down even more. Unfortunately my support calls can sometimes be very confusing, but I receive excellent Customer Service every time!! In my words the service I have received is absolutely fabulous and I am truly grateful" 

Danielle King

Customer Service Manager - Croydon's Equipment Service - 2016

"Many thanks for your support providing detail for our tender, your software has put us in pole position for winning new business and has improved our operational efficiency no end"

John Hennock

Operations Director - Welbeing - 2015

"Just wanted to say thanks for your time yesterday, it was useful to visit your command centre and I had a far more productive time than on site visits – great support!"

Bob Thompson

Senior Supply Chain Manager - Asteral - 2014

From the outset, the friendly yet professional approach to our businesses from Assistive Partner has cemented our relationship and made them a fantastic partner to work with. This matches our own high standards for delivering positivecustomer experiences."

"Inaddition, our business recently went through its ISO 9000 audit and the comments from the auditor were very complementary about the system and suggested that we consider the disposal of the written procedures where possible and replace them with simple flowcharts, as the new system does so much of those procedural checks automatically. I am very happy with the UNIQUS iRetailer system and the changes that it is enabling me to make to grow our business going forward."

Jason Watling

Director - Mobility Aids Centre- 2013

"The installation has not been easy but the professional consulting approach from Assistive Partner has kept us focused and they are fantastic partners to work with" "….The team of experts that make up Assistive Partner offer a unique, customer centred service. Their approach mirrors our own culture of delivering excellent customer experiences".  I’ve been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise and the way in which nothing is too much trouble"

Richard Binnie

Director - Active Mobility- 2012

"I am normally very sceptical about whizzy I.T systems but the [Assistive Partner] back office solution we have put in for TCES has worked well from day one"

Simon Williams

Director of Community Housing - Metrton Council - 2011

"I don’t mind talking to your prospective customers regarding the excellent UNIQUS system. Please do not hesitate to give them my name and contact details"

Nila Panchal

Wheelchair Service Manager - Doncaster PCT - 2010

"Our business has increased almost six-fold with the new contracts, I don’t think we would have managed without your solution – thank you"

Paul Curran

Service Manager - Homecare Medical Suppliers - 2009

"We selected UNIQUS from Assistive Partner following a thorough review of available IT solutions.  UNIQUS offered by far the best solution both in terms of the systems immediate functionality, but also through the willingness of Assistive Partner to look to continually develop their systems for the real benefit of all concerned.  It was important that the organisation shared the same strategic goals as ourselves"

Michael Turner

MD - Rosscare - 2008

"We have been pleased with Assistive Partner’s UNIQUS solution and with the developments which have been added through our first year of using it.  I believe that this software and the way we use it to benefit our customers gives Millbrook a significant competitive advantage in our healthcare contracts market"

Mark Croll

CEO -Millbrook Healthcare - 2007

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