Award winning Assistive Partner has been formed to offer consultative support and advice, specialising in delivering innovative and effective web solutions and cloud based software solutions; primarily to the Healthcare sector.

Is your organisation being forced to change? You will get left behind unless you modernise, it's just difficult to be clear about what to do and how! We can help.

Are you facing budget pressure?

Changing practices and introducing new technologies can be expensive. Yet you must modernise and be able to demonstrate savings. We can make your money go a long way.... Assistive Partner solutions are designed to be affordable!

Sectors we serve

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Healthcare Equipment; Wheelchair Services; Home Oxygen Therapy; Continence Services; Pharmaceutical Prescriptions; Asset Management & Tracking; Hospice Care; Field Service Operations; Logistics Services. Most use our UNIQUS software and our UNIQUS enterprise solution.

Interesting articles from Assistive Partner
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Recent articles published regarding the advantage of our UNIQUS Hospital Inventory Management (HIM) software for improving safety and reducing costs in hospitals.

Introducing GS1 compliance. 

Improve Safety, Enhance Care and Save Cost
Could the simple Barcode save the NHS?
A hospital is a big place - stuff can get lost
We design specialist solutions
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Tendering and dynamic purchasing cloud based solutions enable the buying organisation and its supply partners to use a single purchasing point following EU and OJEU best practice guidelines.

Aggregated purchasing is facilitated by our unique online Ofus2 software, Click here to request information

ReShare - A specialist "used equipment sharing" tool. New web cataloguing and ordering facilities on promote greater re-use of expensive items.

Safe Ageing - We have worked with some of the most knowledgeable clinicians available to perfect online decision trees which help equipment users and carers select appropriate products.
Organisations we work with
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To stay in tune with the healthcare market, Assistive Partner is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association.
We also work closely with the ATP Society.
In mobile solutions, we are a Zebra Technologies value added partner.
In barcoding we are a GS1 solutions provider partner.
Working with DataTechUK, we use their hi-tech modern data centres.
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